RZIST was created in 2019 which marked the bond of brotherhood and friendship of the founders. They found passion in fellow Emiratis' for premium sportswear and never looked back. The goal was to create a range of athleisure that becomes the home for all our sports enthusiasts.

Our vision has been to design a range that matches the trends and supports the active lifestyle of all. RZIST is designed to make you strive for greatness and achieve your passions in style.

Our mission is to create a range that not only makes a change for the people of UAE but for the entire world! As we have strived each day to reach out to our customers and fight the hardships, we aim to challenge our audience to become their ultimate beast selves. We are not just a brand, but a movement that pushes you to go hard and always mark your way as you move ahead. We never rest, we RZIST!  

Crafted with Emirati pride, all products are proudly designed in Abu Dhabi - UAE.

Mohamed Al Seiari

Mohamed Al Seiari is the founder of the world of RZIST. He is an Emirati designer, born in Abu Dhabi with a passion for fashion and design and keen eye for what the audience thrived for but never had a chance to experience. He noticed at an early age that there wasn’t a homegrown Emirati fitness brand. He created RZIST with a goal to bring quality and style together and today he is living his dream.

Mohamed has been keen on creating a brand that is a welcome home for all sports enthusiasts. His idea was to make RZIST a brand accessible to all regardless of nationality and gender and bring together a world that strives for a healthier lifestyle. His goal was to create a brand that would make Emiratis proud.

The name RZIST was created with the passion to endure and refuse failure. Just like Mohamad made his way, his goal was to spark the light of passion in the eyes of the audience.

RZIST stands for refusing failure and fighting hardships, no matter what may come your way, giving up is never an option. We never settle - We RZIST!